Mischa Cooper, ANTA 11161

BHSc Nutritional Medicine

Cert III Commercial Cookery


  • Individual Clinical Consultations
  • Group Demonstrations & Workshops 


  • Nutritional Medicine Practitioner - Health & Disease Analysis, Report & Recommendations
  • Consultation - Investigate and analyse individual available culinary resources
  • Education - Comprehensive explanation of health state, tools and resources to support
  • Chef - Personal coaching for food shopping, preparation, storage, & recipes
  • Demonstration - Demonstrate appropriate cooking techniques suitable for needs

What is Nutritional Medicine?


Cardio Vascular Disease, Diabetes and Depression are some of the major epidemics in our fast paced society. Disease is allowed to proliferate if we do not address stress and our body's physical status.


If you are looking to reduce stress on your body and increase physical wellbeing, it is important to understand the role that Nutrition has to play, in allowing our bodies to function.


The aim of Nutritional Medicine is to provide clinical consultation and implement nutritional support. The initial consultation is a thorough analysis and in your follow up you will receive a comprehensive report of findings along with recommendations and options.


Services vary depending on the needs of the client, they may include, functional testing, supplements, dietary coaching, food preparation advice and monitoring. It is sometimes important to work along side GPs and specialists, providing the client with the best possible complementary care. Eating habits, food storage, cooking facilities are considered and addressed. Ongoing support is available should the client require monitoring, allowing optimal outcomes.


NutriMed Chef


“Food as Medicine” Nutritional Cooking Demonstrations and Workshops


  • How to easily and quickly prepare nourishing meals
  • Foods that are appropriate for certain conditions
  • Practical techniques for shopping, preparation and storage
  • The importance of wholefood
  • The latest ''Superfood” trends and their benefits
  • Nutritional advice and guidance


Demonstrations include nutritional notes, recipes and food.  Workshops are hands on and each attendee is provided with their own chopping board, knife and apron, as well as nutritional notes recipes and food.


Classes cover many topics including some of the following:


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune System Health
  • Gut Health
  • Weight Loss & Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Mood Food
  • Diabetic Health
  • Superfoods/Wholefoods
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Gluten Free/Dairy Free


“All disease starts in the Gut” Hippocrates


About Mischa

Mischa spent several years of her childhood growing up in the countryside. Here she learned her first culinary skills as well as the value of nature, home grown produce, wholesome food and cooking from the heart.


Mischa has worked in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney in Nutrition for the last 13 years, and as a Chef for 20 years.


After settling in the Central West Mischa works as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and Chef. Mischa assists people to prevent and manage disease by implimentation of Nutritional support and provides talks for community organisations on healthy eating.


Mischa's aim is to help people address their whole body health and support desired outcomes through Nutrition. With flexibility to create tailored plans that individuals can adhere to in order to achieve results.








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