M a s s a g e   T h e r a p y



• Stimulation of the circulation and immune system
• Lymph drainage
• Ease of tense muscles
• Promotes a restful sleep
• Relaxation
• Increase of flexibility and muscle tone
• Promotes a feeling of well being


We are excited to offer the following therapies

to enhance your well being and health



Relaxation Massage


a soothing massage to dissolve the stress of everyday life


Remedial Massage


may help avoid injury, releases toxins, massage of the deeper muscles


Aromatherapy Massage


tailor made with scents you choose, a fantastic massage to help relieve tension


Myofascial Dry Needling


the use of acupuncture needles to relax muscles that are diffcult to release only through massage


Massage available at Alive Health 
Mon  - Fri

Remedial Massage Therapists
Angela Slattery 

Ray Dally







Massage Therapy






Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine







Wearable sensors for personalised
management of back pain