Bob Bones

Bob is uniquely positioned to share information about the human frame. He is particularly knowledgable on all things spine and nervous system. Chiropractor, Alison Bennett, often calls Bob to assist in showing patients the special structure that is the spine.

Bob also has an excellent product knowledge. He loves our chiropractic recommended pillows provide excellent neck support. Choosing the right pillow may improve neck pain and headaches. He is also very excited to announce Alive Health as stockists for the Divine range of products by Therese Kerr. These are all certified organic and have only the highest quality naturallly occuring ingredients for you to use on your skin. Bob is also passionate about nutrition and has kept himself well informed with the products available from Bioceuticals - whether its natural anti inflammatories for pain relief, or high quality calicium and vitamin D for strong bones Bob has the answers.

As the Alive Health Ambassador, Bob spends the majority of his days at Alive Health greeting all of the love patients who are coming to see our growing number of health professionals.

​He often organises events within the clinic. Valentines Day saw Bob handing out chocales and roses to clients. Easter he was dressed as that infamous bunny. We expect he will pull out the Santa Suit again this year for Christmas, and you never know he may let you take a photo with him. As well as all his work in the clinic Bob likes to travel to conferences and events with the busy Alive Health team

Follow Bob on Facebook! He often posts of things happening at Alive Health, and plenty of photos of what adventures (big and small) he has been on lately. 





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