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What is ViMove?


ViMove uses lightweight wearable sensors that measure movement and muscle activity. By understanding your movement, posture and muscles you can better manage how these influence your back back. The device can be worn for extended periods whilst you go about your normal activity at home, work or anywhere.


How is the ViMove worn?

The sensors are attached to the skin on your back using low irritant, disposable adhesive pads. Information from the sensors is transmitted to a small device that is worn in your pocked or carried within a few metres of the sensors.


How does it work?

ViMove has three main functions:

Measures movement: Vi
and during your day to day activities. This gives your healthcare professional a window to look into your world so they can see if certain activities are making it worse.Move monitors and analyses your unique movement patterns both in the clinic 


Immediate Feedback:  The system will also alert you when you move in a way that may increase your low back back, allowing you to take control of the unconscious postures and movements and to move within safer limits.


Retraining movement: In the clinic, your healthcare professional may use ViMove to give you immediate visiual feedback on screen showing you how your movements and muscle tension may be contributing to your pain. This can be used to enhance your understanding of your low back pain and learn better movement patterns that may reduce your pain in the future.


How long do you wear ViMove?

The system can be worn for up to 24 hours (at work, home or within the clinic) but is generally worn for 6-12 hours, allowing you to go about your day to day activities. Ideally the device is fitted in the morning and taken off before you go to bed. The length of time you will wear the device will be determined by your healthcare professional.


If you are interested, please ask your health care professional at Alive Health about the suitability of ViMove for your condition.