An interview with Vicky Lata, PODIATRIST.

26 Aug 2015 11:28 AM

  1. What inspired you to become a Podiatrist?
    I have always wanted to operate my own business to have more flexible hours for my family, and podiatry allowed me to do this. I also love working in a health field, helping people to feel better.
  2. What is the highlight of your job?
    The wonderful clients make my job extremely enjoyable. I love helping with different foot problems. Always up for a challenge!
  3. Are there any courses you would like to do in the future?
    I’d love to be a Podiatry Surgeon! It’s a very specific field of Podiatry dealing with conditions affecting the lower extremity. Or for something completely different I would like to do an interior design course.
  4. Favourite product for sale at Alive Health and why?
    Soap and Glory Heel Genius, available from me! I love the smell, and it’s a very good product to prevent heel pain.
  5. What’s your favourite tool of the trade? 
    Scalpel (it doesn’t hurt!)
  6. Why do you believe people should come to see you?
    Most importantly I’m very gentle and thorough. Alive Health is also a very professional clinic with a great ambiance which is very calming for staff and patients.
  7. Tell us a bit about your family
    I have a wonderful husband and a nearly 2 year old who keep me very busy. My extended family live in New Zealand and Fiji, which is great for holidays but I don’t see them very often. The Alive Health team are my local family now.
  8. How do you relax after a busy day?
    I love to spend as much time as possible with my daughter, playing and teaching her things. That basically takes up all of my free time! It’s a very rewarding past-time.
  9. Dream holiday destination
    I was born in Fiji and it is still my ultimate holiday destination! I’d love to travel around there more and see the sights. Stay in some lovely places. I usually just go there to see my family and don’t get around to enjoying Fiji’s beauty at the fullest.
  10. Hobbies/fun things you like to do while you’re away from work?
    I am obsessed with my stationary and planner. I love to make it as decorative as possible. I’m also a beginner scrapbooker. I would love to have a beautiful album with photos of my daughter. 


An interview with Alive Health Podiatrist Vicky Lata.

Watch this space with plently more interview blogs to come!