Our body often lies to us...

22 Jul 2014 12:46 PM

Our body often lies to us... 


What I mean by that is that it will mask, or even cope with issues so that we can carry on with our day-to-day life activities. We can't rely on what we feel to dictate what we address with our health. There are a lot of people that regret not looking after their health before they had their heart attack! And the cause of the heart attack did not start the day of their heart attack.


As a society, we really need to start being a little more proactive about our health, rather than reacting to the symptoms that are the indicators that there is a problem and usually has been a problem for some time.


As a Chiropractor, I encourage everyone to get a check up before there is pain as a preventative measure. OR, if your Initial visit is pain oriented, once you are out of pain I recommend people to get a regular check up to prevent unwanted episodes of pain. It may seem crazy! But I believe it is a lot more sensible than going through pain when it could have been prevented in the first place.


Alison Bennett, Chiroprator Spine Alive.