Why are you having pain?

7 Nov 2014 4:46 PM

That pain is there for a reason; it is you body’s way of telling you something...

Do you ever wonder why you are having pain?

Did you know that pain is there for a reason? It is you body’s way of telling you something. It’s screaming “HELP ME”.
As a society, we are very reactive, we wait for something to happen and then we react. An excellent example is heart attack. Many victims of heart attack are unaware of the constrictiction in their arteries which lead to the heart attack. They assume they are healthy  because they don’t feel any pain or discomfort ... yet! But then, surprise, a life threatening heart attack hits you when you least expect it. Then with the new found knowledge that your heart attack was preventable with diet and life style changes many go on to make changes to avoid future complications.
Well with our spine unfortunately we do the same thing, we wait for pain, we take painkillers, once the pain is gone we think we are OK again to fight another day, and the cycle goes on. Unfortunately we don't realise that degenerative changes are constantly occuring in the spine. Here’s a novel concept… PREVENTION. Why not take care of these spinal problems before you experience pain and can’t do your normal daily activities without pain. Alison Bennett, chiropractor at Alive Health can thoroughly assess your spine and detect and eliminate areas that may become painful. Regular professional attention to your spine can prevent future problems from arising, improve recovery times and limit damage to the spine . Think about it… do you really want to live with pain? So if you are experiencing pains such as back or neck pain, headaches, leg pain, pins and needles or sciatic pain or any thing else, then give Alive Health a call so that we can help you get out of pain with safe, proven, effective, gentle, drug free techniques.