O r t h o t i c s



Medical 3/4 Orthotics:

These are a good option if you have the time and the diligence to change your orthotics from one pair of shoes to another.

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Full Length Orthotics:

For those who need good arch support and will generally keep them in the one pair of shoes.
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Catwalk Orthotics:

Great for the ladies that are naughty and wish to wear those lovely high heels or boots, but still want to have the right support.

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Custom made Orthotics:

These orthotics are for people that need a custom made orthotic. They may have slightly more complicated cases that need some specific modifications, which off the shelf orthotics do not provide.

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Massage Therapy






Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine







Wearable sensors for personalised
management of back pain