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Benefits of touch with newborns and infants include:

  • Bond with & understand your baby
  • Build trust & relieve baby & parent stress
  • Stimulate growth & strengthen the immune system
  • Provide relief from colic, wind & reflux
  • Encourage relaxation & deeper sleep


CL A S S   I N F O R M A T I O N 


  • Class numbers are limited to four infants and their parents. If you are unable to attend class a space will be held for you in the next available class. Positions can only be held for one month.
  • The cost of your infant massage class includes a bottle of unscented massage oil and an infant massage manual for you to keep.
  • Please dress yourself and baby comfortably, bring along any nappies, bottles etc that you may require. Facilities are available for you to warm bottles and change baby.
  • Babies can be very unpredictable – even if it is feed or nap time we encourage you to come along to the class, we have a number of dolls that allow you to practice techniques if your baby is sleeping or you are yet to welcome your baby into the world.

A N G E L A ' S  S T O R Y 


"The first time I met my son I was told I was not allowed to touch him, to hold him or comfort him as he laid in a neo-natal intensive care bed recovering from a traumatic birth. This memory haunted me until I was able to learn infant massage with my daughter and teach it to others as part of my Diploma of Remedial Massage qualification. 

Becoming a parent is a wonderful occasion with infant massage a fantastic tool for any parent and caregiver as it allows you to bond with your child, learn things about each other along the way and it can also help with physical and neurological development.

Not knowing that I could have safely held and massaged my new born became a very large barrier to overcome and my infant massage classes are aimed at brand new and expectant parents in the hope that everyone can feel comfortable with their child and learn to trust their instincts, getting to know their child's personality from their first days, developing your own language and bonds that will last a lifetime.

My daughter was six months old when I first learnt infant massage, she became our class mascot for the subject and consequently ended up receiving three massages a day for a week and wanted the  process to be kept up for many weeks following! She was also born with only one working kidney. An ultrasound at six months old showed no growth in one kidney between birth and six months. During six months of daily infant massage she only allowed me to massage her legs and complete reflexology massage on her feet, subsequently at her twelve month ultrasound both of her kidneys were the same size and functioning normally, a result I attribute to the reflexology component of infant massage."

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